Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Correct Horse Battery Staple (awesome science websites)

My brother showed this one to me. Awesome.

It's from
A very cool (and addictive) math/science web-comic.
I especially like the What If section, self described as "Answering Your Hypothetical Questions With Physics, Every Tuesday." 
Disclaimer: I've browsed the site, but can't vouch for 100% kid-friendliness.

Cool and amazing videos, experiments, and a special section for parents and teachers!

Ok, so you may have heard of this one, but I had to include it.
It's too awesome not to.Wonder how anything (real or imagined) works?
You can probably find out here.


Some of the most amazing pictures on the web. 
For a longer chain of cool images, check out their Year's Most Amazing Scientific Images.
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