Monday, November 19, 2012

The Best of YouTube Science!

(Or at least some of my favorites).

The Melting Gallium Spoon
The gallium spoon appears as any normal spoon would - until dipped in warm tap water!
Gallium, a metal with a melting point of 85.59° F (29.77° C), is a consistent student favorite!
Elephant Toothpaste
 What do you get when you mix hydrogen peroxide, sodium (or potassium) iodide, and  liquid soap? Well, not elephant toothpaste. But it sure looks like it. 

Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bear
A science poem:
Guess what gummy bears hate. 
Yup - potassium chlorate.

Sodium in Water
Sodium - Making water more fun for millions of years!
Sodium acts to lose an electron, creating hydrogen gas (and heat!) when mixed with water.

Dr. Quantum and the Double Slit Experiment
An engaging, entertaining, and understandable explanation of the double slit experiment - One of the most unbelievable and unexplainable experiments ever performed!
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